Welcome to the design portfolio of Marty Bowles, Texas based designer and illustrator.

My Work


  • freeagents.jpg
    Album Logo for Contemporary Music Artist (website coming soon).
  • envisage.jpg
    Branding Identity for a Design Consulting Group. Envisage (I know it's hard to say) means "To conceive an image or a picture of, especially as a future possibility"
  • finalpresentations.jpg
    Poster for the Final Presentations for my graduating class at my alma mater, Full Sail.
  • twlogo.png
    Branding Identity for a New Media Design House near the coast of Florida.
  • dg.jpg
    Brand Identity for a Digital Animation publication.
  • flightwings.jpg
    A series of insignia for a Sci-Fi Novel Military. The author liked phoenixes and has a very 'Tom Clancy' method of writing battles so he felt a bird's wings was appropriate for his cast.
  • if.jpg
    Branding Identity for a fictional pharmaceutical drug that enabled the user to overcome otherwise ill-advised social situations.
Digital Art

  • loneposticeburg.jpg
    This speed painting was designed to express serenity so much as it shows isolation.

  • asmith.jpg
    Re-Design for popular local attorney Alwin Smith and Lawyer's Title Agency. Learn more here.
  • superaff.jpg
    Re-Design for the world renown entrepreneur and millionaire, Jeff Gardner's web business Super Affiliate. Learn more here.


New Job, More Responsibilities - Less Time
Posted on 2008-03-27 22:32:08

So I'm finishing my third week at the new job in Dallas. I'm convinced that while this job won't present anything I haven't been able to overcome before, it will provide some complications and interesting problems down the road. I'm fine with that, that's what makes life fun. The best part is that I'm going to be knee-deep in work once my freelance jobs start getting closer to their due dates. The entire 'move' process is far from over and even though I still have a lot of stuff to get I'm glad I have reasons to go back home. Friends are there and most importantly - free movies.

Starting a new job
Posted on 2008-03-04 23:02:20

I start my new job on Monday, March 10th. I start a lot of things over actually, moving and otherwise. There's a few loose ends that I have to tie up, and some that I'd rather not tie up with any finality but those are moving pains that I'm going to have to inevitably deal with - or maybe luck will be on my side. Who knows. Next week, I think I'll make my presence on the wordpress scene.

Happy New Year
Posted on 2007-12-31 00:26:07

Another year almost complete, looking forward to 2008 already. Last year was good for finishing one chapter and reflecting on what I really wanted to do. This year's going to be about implementing it. I've got plenty of things planned for the coming months so might as well start early.

New Pieces Uploaded
Posted on 2007-11-14 08:01:17

I put a few more pieces into the gallery. I've had one or two of them around for a bit and after looking at them again, I realized that they needed some work. I touched them up and I'm pleased with the new looks. I've got some more digital art coming later this week as that section needs some love too.



New Media trained and educated, I enjoy providing standards-compliant solutions to design challenges. Learn more with my my resume. You can contact me here.